Product #M90

Armour - 90 mm MK3 Ammunition Container - Double

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Product Description

Scepter's large caliber ammunition containers lighten the soldier’s load, withstand extreme weather conditions, and reduce costs throughout the supply chain. From the sub-zero temperatures of the high Arctic, to the deserts of Afghanistan, plastic can withstand extreme weather conditions in demanding operational environments. Each container houses a proprietary custom fit dunnage arrangement. The interior sleeve, spacers, foam cushions and thermoplastic rubber offer shock absorption and ensure rounds are protected and held securely in place for safe storage and transportation. Waterproof, corrosion and fungus resistant, plastic has several distinct advantages over traditional wood and steel packaging. Containers are recoverable and reusable with minimal dunnage resulting in reduced field debris. Ammunition is accessible from skid face so the pallet load can remain intact eliminating the need to un-strap or disassemble. *Containers are made to end-user specifications. UN / NATO qualified.


  • Easy to Transport
  • Ammunition Accessible From the Skid Face
  • Superior Impact resistance
  • Water proof, Corrosion and Fungus Resistant
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions, i.e. heat, cold, humidity
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easily decontaminatable
  • UN / NATO qualified
  • Custom fit shock-absorbing protective interior

Regulations & Safety Compliance

  • UN and Nato Qualified
  • Built to End-User Specifications

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