Your safety is our number one priority. We conduct 100% leak testing in our on-site CSA and ISO certified labs, and chair committees that drive safety for the industry. We go to great lengths to ensure our products meet and exceed the safety standards and regulations of the countries in which they are sold.

Please watch this short video containing important information on Fuel Container Safety.

“Most Parents Don’t mix gas and fire, but every time I see a child seriously burned, I remember there still are people to reach.” Firefighter Tom Hufford, Fire Marshals Association of Oklahoma


Scepter sponsors the National Gasoline Safety Project, whose goal is to eliminate gas fires. The campaign reaches out to parents as they are their children’s first line of defense. Parents buy fuel, choose where and how to store it, and teach their children how to handle it, both through what they say and what they do. We want every parent to be aware of the dangers.

As a gas can manufacturer, we ensure all Scepter containers exceed the ASTM F2517-17 standard specification for determination of child resistance of portable fuel containers for consumer use.

We strongly recommend that all parents visit "Stop Gas Fires” and have a conversation with their children about the dangers of gasoline and other fuels.

Remember, FUEL AND FIRE NEVER MIX. Please handle and store your fuel responsibly.


For more information on filling your gas cans and proper use of your Scepter fuel container spouts.

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