Made in Canada: Scepter™ Celebrates 70 Years of Quality and Innovation

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO – As Scepter™ celebrates its 70th anniversary as a Canadian manufacturer, it is with the same dedication to innovation and quality that the company has maintained since its humble beginnings. Based in Ontario, the employer of 200 people manufactures a wide assortment of best-in-class fuel and water containers in its consumer, military, marine and industrial divisions.

“We make thousands of durable, trusted container products every week in our Scarborough facility,” Terry Elliott, president of Scepter™. “These ‘Made in Canada’ products are sold throughout Canada and around the world through retailers like Canadian Tire ® , The Home Depot ® , Lowe’s ® , Rona, Princess Auto and many other stores.

“Whether it’s the basic red 10 Litre gas can in your garage, the supersized 50+ Litre Duramax fuel container on wheels or our indestructible military grade fuel and water containers that are the world standard, we’re the leader in manufacturing containers for the needs of people around the globe.”

Elliott suggests that most Canadians have a Scepter container at home and may not even know it. “If you aren’t sure you know our proud Canadian company, just go check that red gas can in your garage,” says Elliott. “We’re betting you’ll find it’s a Scepter container!”

Scepter History

Founded in 1949 by Evald Torokvei, Scepter was started in the basement of his Toronto, Canada home. The past seven decades have seen Scepter emerge as a global leader in the design and manufacture of hazardous materials containers, and recognized around the world for their best-in-class fuel cans.

Originally producing inflatable toys, wading pools, and hula hoops, Torokvei was a
visionary with a passion for innovation. He soon expanded his operations to include large
diameter plastic pipes and fittings. Scepter eventually branded this product under IPEX Inc.
which went on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipes.

Handling Military Needs

In addition to introducing the world’s first blow-molded fuel container, Scepter pioneered the design and manufacture of plastic dairy crates and curbside recycling bins. The company continued to expand and produced the first military-style plastic fuel and water cans. This line of military containers was adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense as the new standard, converting all branches from metal to plastic.

Scepter continues to support military operations with their large caliber ammunition
packaging. Designed to exceed NATO requirements and using advanced high-impact
thermoplastics, Scepter was the first to introduce plastic as a better way to package heavy rounds
for safe storage and handling. 

Influence on the Marine Industry

Scepter played a lead role in converting the marine industry to plastic outboard engine fuel tanks. Through smart choices and smarter design, the company received numerous innovation awards and soon earned 95 percent of the global marine fuel tank market. Today, leading international companies like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu and Mercury all continue to use marine tanks made by Scepter.

The new millennium ushered in the EPA and CARB regulations for emissions control. Scepter quickly led the industry with the introduction a new line of Eco fuel containers with child resistant closure caps to keep consumers safe. A strong commitment to safety drives the business to continue exploring ways to enhance their products with consumer protection in mind.

Scepter has both blow-molding and injection molding capabilities. The company’s lab is
accredited by CSA and their quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. Scepter was
acquired by Myers Industries of Akron, Ohio in 2014.

With best-in-class manufacturing operations in both the United States and Canada, Scepter proudly provides trusted products in all of its segments --- consumer, military and marine containers. For the past 70 years the company has been a leader throughout North America in identifying the needs of people throughout the world and coming up with smart, trusted product innovations to fulfill those needs.

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Contact: Kathy Ziprik


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